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Full Automatic Valve Bag Packing Machine with Metal Detector / Check Weigher / Palletizer / Stretch Wrapper

Full Automatic Valve Bag Packing Machine with Metal Detector / Check Weigher / Palletizer / Stretch Wrapper

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    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: People's Republic of China
    Brand Name: Hongsen Intelligent
    Model Number: PVPE

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PC
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Wrapping film plus wooden case
    Delivery Time: 60-90 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Bag Type: Valve Hole Bag Packing Type: Pneumatic
    Bagging Range: 10-50 Kg Material To Fill: Powdery Materials
    Packing Automation: Bag Magazine, Bagging Manipulator, Conveyors System Configuration: Packaging Machine, Checker Weigher, Metal Detector, Palletizer, Stretch Wrapper
    High Light:

    automatic filling and packing machine


    air bag packaging machine

    Full Automatic Valve Bag Packaging Line with Metal Detector / Check Weigher / Palletizer / Stretch Wrapper



    The full automatic valve bag packaging line is composed of pneumatic tyoe full-automatic valve bag packaging machine, check weigher, metal detector, high level palletizer/robotic palletizer, stretch hood wrapper, etc. All the machines after the packaging machine are customizable and optional as per the customer's requirements.


    The valve bag packaging machine is an air flow bagger designed to fill dry powdery materials including but not limited to cement, adhesives, renders, powders and putty powders into valve bags. The machine works on the basis of air fluidisation of the product and differential pressure resulting in product flow into valve bags. It can also be customized as per different customers’ special requirements. The packing speed can reach 5-8 bags per minute (20 kg) while maintaining accuracy. The speed relates to the properties of the material to be fill, such as specific gravity, fluidity, granularity, humidity, etc.


    Structure of Valve Bag Packaging Machine

    One full automatic pneumatic type valve bag filling machine comprises of:

    A. Bag magazine

    B. Manipulator (mechanical arm)

    C. PVPE (Pneumatic Valve Packing Equipment)

    D. Conveyor


    Automatic Bagging Manipulator

    The valve bag is sucked up by the suction cup, and the manipulator stretch open the bag mouth to insert the bag into the material discharge hole. The vacuum of the standard suction cup is generated by the suction system. This system can give timely feedback of product status to ensure that each bag is accurately placed to the packaging machine discharge hole.


    Bag Magazine (Empty bag depot)

    It is big enough to keep 120 empty bags here and there is still place more bags. This bag magazine coordinates the automatic bag-fetching manipulator to realize fully automatic operation of bag taking. When the present batch of bags are used up, the next batch will be automatically replenished. The operator on site can put the bags into bag magazine while the machine is running. So there is no need to stop the production for supplement which will ensure continuous packing.


    Main Technical Data

    Packing range Packing speed Packing accuracy Valve hole size Valve hole length Bag length Bag height Air pressure
    10-50 kg 5-8 bags/min. (relates to many factors) ±0.5~1% 50 mm (2’) suitable, filling spout 90-165 mm 90-180 mm 300-900 mm 6-8


    Metal Detector, Check Weigher & Rejecting Unit

    1. Metal detection device is mainly used to detect the metal elements hidden inside the bags and it will alarm when metal detected is over the set value;

    2. Check weigher lets pass the bags within the preset upper and lower weight limits and alarms when the weight of the bag is beyond the set limits;

    3. Rejecting mechanism rejects non-conforming bags according to the alarm signal sent from metal detecting device and check weigher by transiting them to rejected area via another conveyor.


    High Level Palletizer

    High level palletizer is a type of high speed full automatic palletizing equipment, which usually used together with full automatic packaging machine to constitute a full-automatic packaging and palletizing production line. It is composed by conveyor, bag shaper, layering flap, pallet magazine, pallet conveyor and loaded pallet conveyor, etc.


    Differences Between High Level Palletizer and Robotic Palletizer

    Both high level palletizer and robotic palletizer are automatic palletizing equipment used to complete the stacking of bags/boxes.


    The main differences between the two are as follows:

    Different application range

    1. The application range of robot palletizer is wider which can be used for the palletizing of bags, boxes, etc.; but high-position palletizer is mainly used for the palletizing of bags.

    2. Different installation and use

    A. Flexibility: robot palletizer is more flexible, while high-position palletizer takes more floor space.

    B. Palletizing speed: speed of high-position palletizing can reach 1600 bags/h, while robot palletizer can reach 800 bags/h with single gripper and 1200 bags/h with double grippers.

    C. Palletizing performance: high-position palletizer palletizes relatively more tidy and beautiful and palletized bags are not easy to slide; while robot palletizer palletizes less tidy with position and shape of bags less accurate, and the gripper may scratch the bags.

    D. Service life: the powders of high-position palletizer and robot palletizer are close; the service life of high-position palletizer is usually over 10 years, while robot palletizer usually 5-8 years.

    E. Applicable regions: high-position palletizer is of wide range of applicable regions and it can be used anywhere. In plateau regions, the air pressure is relatively low and negative pressure high, so the working condition for robot palletizer cannot be fulfilled. That’s why almost only mechanical palletizers are used in China’s northwest inland.

    F. Maintenance cost: the maintenance cost for high-position palletizer is low, while robot palletizer is relatively higher.


    Full-automated Stretch Hooding Machine

    The machine realizes the overall complete wrapping and protection of loaded pallets.Vertical stretching method is adopted, which can reduce film consumption and the packing of which is more complete than simply horizontal wrapping; in the same time, it’s of higher dustproof level and waterproofness and the full pallet will be less likely to loosen when it topples.


    Full Automatic Valve Bag Packing Machine with Metal Detector / Check Weigher / Palletizer / Stretch Wrapper

    Full Automatic Valve Bag Packing Machine with Metal Detector / Check Weigher / Palletizer / Stretch Wrapper

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