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Analysis on the Development Advantages of Automated Warehouse Industry

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Analysis on the Development Advantages of Automated Warehouse Industry
Analysis on the Development Advantages of Automated Warehouse Industry

Compared with the traditional logistics system, the advantages of automated logistics system is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of production and distribution


Automated logistics system is using advanced information management system, automated material storage, sorting and handling equipment, so that the goods in the warehouse are automatic accessed and sorted as needed. During industrial production, automated logistics system is directly linked with the production line, that means, materials are automatically delivered to the production line at the specified time according to production needs, achieving best balance of raw materials supply and production required quantity and improving the production efficiency of enterprises; materials can be effectively managed by using advanced identification technology and information processing technology, which will ensure the accuracy of material feeding and accurate tracking of the flow of goods. In Commercial distribution, automated logistics system can automatically arrange dispatch and delivery according to the order information through the use of automatic sorting technology, electronic tag technology, bar code technology, etc., which can greatly improve the sorting and distribution efficiency and accuracy.


2. To achieve enterprise information integration


Logistics informatization is an important part of enterprise informatization. The logistics information management system, seamlessly connecting the other management systems of the enterprise, can realize automatic transmission and reception of information between the various systems of the enterpirse to achieve information integration and plan, control and track the whole process of supply, production and sales. In the production process, the automated logistics system collects the real-time logistics information of all the grassroots level in the production process and constantly summarizes the information flow which can guide the enterprise to purchase and produce.

During the sales process, the automated logistics system can automatically obtain the order information of other management systems and process it to ensure that the information is obtained quickly and timely. It can effectively bundle the business relationship between the distribution and the storage and the sales. Through the real-time control of the business terminals, it will accurately and efficiently summarize distribution needs in a timely order and prepare for dispatch.


3. To improve space utilization and reduce land costs


Automated logistics system uses high-rack to store goods, which means the storage area can be extended vertically to high level to reduce footprint and improve storage space utilization and storage capacity. At present, the world's highest automated warehouse has reached a height of 50m, and the unit storage capacity of high-rack warehouse is up to 7.5t/m2 which is 5-10 times of the traditional warehouse. Compared with the traditional warehouse, 40%-70% land can be saved to significantly reduce the cost.


4. To reduce labor demand and costs


Automated logistics system can reduce the demand for labor and labor intensity and improve labor efficiency. For example, for the same goods, automated logistics system can save more than 2/3 the quantity of storage and logistics personnel.


5. To improve the level of logistics management


Automated logistics system can comprehensive control and manage entry, dispatch, transfer, check and other operations, which not only reflects the whole process of goods invoicing, but also realizes real-time analysis and control of goods for enterprise management to make correct decision to balance production, storage and sales, reduce storage to the optimal volume, increase capital flow rate and utilization rate substantially and reduce inventory costs. Through the use of satellite positioning system technology, transport routes can be optimized and the real-time monitoring of goods in transit can ensure the safety of materials.

In addition, the automated logistics system also has the advantage to better adapt to dark, toxic, low temperature and other special logistics environment operating needs.

Therefore, from the perspective of logistics efficiency, management level, space utilization, and labor costs, automated logistics system has obvious advantaged compared with traditional logistics system.



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