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Artificial Intelligence in China

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Artificial Intelligence in China
Artificial Intelligence in China

Artificial Intelligence in China


Artificial Intelligence, core of the development of intelligence industry, is the foundation of other intelligent technology development. High-tech companies both at home and abroad as well as risk investment institutions have adopted artificial intelligence industry chain. At present, the attention paid to artificial intelligence continues to increase, and a large amount of social capital, intelligence and data resources are converging to drive the research of artificial intelligence technology forward.


1.China's artificial intelligence has entered the pilot stage


Each stage of artificial intelligence can be divided into laboratory stage, pilot stage, promotion stage and popularization stage according to different technology maturity and promotion application degree in different periods. The emphasis of the laboratory phase is on the training and research of algorithms. The big enterprise is characterized with the cutting-in of big enterprise and the application of pilot; The promotion stage means that the technology has been extended to large and medium-sized enterprises and centralized computing of cloud resources. In the popularization stage, distributed computing is realized and popular ion to individual applications in specific segmentation scenarios is achieved.

At present, China is in the pilot stage of perceptual intelligence, and the main pilot areas include: intelligent hardware, robot, virtual scene, security, virtual service and business intelligence.


2.The rapid growth of artificial intelligence in China


Artificial intelligence has large application in China's mobile Internet and smart household items and other fields. China's artificial intelligence industry continues to grow at a high speed. Artificial intelligence industry contains many aspects: basic technical data platform layer, data storage and data mining, artificial intelligence technology layer of speech recognition, natural language processing, image recognition and biometrics, etc., Besides, it is also involved in smart home, intelligent financial, medical wisdom, smart and intelligent education and intelligent agricultural marketing, etc. Thus, it is difficult for domestic and foreign authoritative research institutions define the caliber and standard of artificial intelligence.


As a result, the interpretation of the scale of China's artificial intelligence by various institutions is quite different, ranging from 10 billion to 20 billion to 70 billion. However, these institutions come into a common conclusion that the artificial intelligence grow very fast, according to the data provided by industry research institute.


3、2015: startup year of Artificial intelligence


Since 2014, China's artificial intelligence industry start-ups begin to rise. In 2015, a large number of excellent start-up companies sprang up. There are 150 and 128 startup companies in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Despite a little decline in recent two years, it is predicable that people’s favor for investment still boom in following years.


Artificial Intelligence in China


4、Hot area in 2018: computer vision


In domestic enterprise of artificial intelligence, enterprise application of computer visual technology takes up 42%, followed by speech and natural language processing, accounting 43%.

Computer vision technology is one of the important core of artificial intelligence technology, which can be applied to the security, financial, medical and other fields. At present, our computer vision technology has reached world leading level. a wide range of commercial channels and technology base facilitate it to become the most popular field.


Artificial Intelligence in China


From the perspective of the market scale distribution of artificial intelligence, computer vision also ranks the first. According to CAICT statistics, 37% of the market scale of China's artificial intelligence in 2017 is in the field of computer vision. In 2018, machine learning, the increasing ability of the algorithm and deep learning will promote the computer vision technology’s development. The AI clip released by Google, Huawei and Cambrian will be listed into the large commercial stage. The combination of artificial intelligence and industry will further deepen the fusion.

Artificial Intelligence in China



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