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Prospect of China's Artificial Intelligence in 2020

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Prospect of China's Artificial Intelligence in 2020
Prospect of China's Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Prospect of China's Artificial Intelligence in 2020


The research on artificial intelligence in China is at an outbreak stage, and the basic conditions of the artificial intelligence industry have shaped.


In fact, artificial intelligence industry started relatively late in China. However, the layout of industry, technology, research and other infrastructure is in progress. Development of mobile Internet started in 2010, technology and data accumulation to growth of artificial intelligence research has brought large energy to China. According to the data of China patent database, artificial intelligence in China patent applications continues to grow from 2010, and surged to a relative high degree in 2015. on the basis of artificial intelligence’s progress at home and abroad , artificial intelligence research in China begin to enter the stage of development and the number of patent applications has reached to 28022 items.This shows that China's artificial intelligence research level is in the stage of continuous improvement and has made some achievements. The application for a patent is expected to enjoy sustainable development.


As you can see, our industry has been equipped with the basic conditions for artificial intelligence in our country.AS the Increasingly mature of deep learning algorithm and the accelerated growth of data resources, artificial intelligence technology is expected to acceleratingly improve. Machine vision and natural speech processing such as artificial intelligence technology will thrive in a new development opportunity.



Prospect of China's Artificial Intelligence in 2020

The Number of China's Artificial Intelligence Patents during 2007-2017



2 Forecast of China's artificial intelligence in 2020


The layout of Technology, manufacturing and other industry giants will furthur enlarge and the scale of the artificial intelligence industry will be further expanded.With growth of many vertical startups, there will be more industrial and consumer applications of artificial intelligence.

The accelerated implementation of relevant policies will also push China's artificial intelligence industry into a new stage of development.According to the summary of six authoritative institutions by forward-looking industry research institute. As for optimistic forecast, the scale of China's AI market is expected to exceed 160 billion by 2020. as for neutral forecast, the size of China's AI market in 2020 at around 70 -100 billion yuan.



3 The Artificial Intelligence Industry Will Become the Concentration Place of Unicorn Company


In addition to large companies and traditional large enterprises, the artificial intelligence industry has a large number of excellent start-ups.Excellent artificial intelligence start-up companies have mature team allocation, advanced technical capabilities, healthy cash flow, etc., and are highly recognized by the capital side. It believes that artificial intelligence, as the most promising industry, will become a new concentration of excellent companies.

According to Unicorn Enterprise Development Report of 2017,issued by the ministry of science and technology torch cente, there are 164 unicorn enterprises in our country in 2017. There are six artificial intelligence unicorn companirs, which accounted for 3.66% The six companies are valued at $12 billion,

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