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Open Mouth Bag Full Automatic Bag Packing Machine System With Pallet Wrapper

Open Mouth Bag Full Automatic Bag Packing Machine System With Pallet Wrapper

    • Open Mouth Bag Full Automatic Bag Packing Machine System With Pallet Wrapper
    • Open Mouth Bag Full Automatic Bag Packing Machine System With Pallet Wrapper
  • Open Mouth Bag Full Automatic Bag Packing Machine System With Pallet Wrapper

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: People's Republic of China
    Brand Name: Hongsen Intelligent
    Certification: CE

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PC
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Wrapping film plus wooden case
    Delivery Time: 60-90 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Packaging Machine: Full Automatic Open Bag Packing Machine Palletizing Machine: High Level Palletizer Or Robot Palletizer
    System Function: Bagging, Palletizing, Pallet Wrapping, Etc. Machine Type: Customizable
    Automatic Degree: Fully Automated Application: Powdery And Granular Materials
    High Light:

    open mouth bagging machine


    automatic packaging machine

    Full Automated Packaging System With Palletizing Equipment / Pallet Wrapper / Automatic Conveyors Integrated



    Full Automatic Open-mouth Bag Packaging Machine

    Full automatic open-mouth bag packaging machine is a complete set of machine which is composed of Weighing unit, automatic bag feeding unit and sealing & conveying unit to realize material weighing, automatic bagging, material filling and automatic sealing. This set of machine is applicable to quantitative packaging of granular and powdery materials in grain, food, feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, building material and many other industries.


    Process Flow

    Weighing → automatic bag feeding → material filling → automatic sealing → output conveying


    Technical Parameters

    Precision grade   0.2%FS
    Weighing range   10--25Kg/bag; 25--50Kg/bag
    Weighing accuracy   single deviation ≤±0.2%; average deviation ≤±0.1%
    Packaging capacity


    800—1000 bags/h (powder/granule)


    1000--1200 bags/h (granule)


    1200--1400 bags/h (granule)


    Detecting & rejecting unit

    1) Metal detection device is mainly used to detect the metal elements hidden inside the bags and it will alarm when metal detected is over the set value;

    2) Check weigher lets pass the bags within the preset upper and lower weight limits and alarms when the weight of the bag is beyond the set limits;

    3) Rejecting mechanism rejects non-conforming bags according to the alarm signal sent from metal detecting device and check weigher by transiting them to rejected area via another conveyor.


    High Level Palletizer / Robot Palletizer

    High Level palletizer is a type of high speed full automatic palletizing equipment. Compared with robot palletizer and low-position palletizer, HS-GW-1200 type full automatic High Level palletizer is the one of higher height and mounting dimension.


    Full automatic High Level palletizer is usually used together with full automatic packaging machine to constitute a full-automatic packaging and palletizing production line. The line includes automatic bagging, automatic weighing, automatic edgefolding and sealing, check weigher, metal detection, nonconformity reject mechanism, automatic bag flattening and pressing, bag direction changing, bag layering arrangement, palletizing and lifting mechanism.


    Differences Between High Level Palletizer and Robot Palletizer

    1. Different application range

    The application range of robot palletizer is wider which can be used for the palletizing of bags, boxes, etc.; but High Level palletizer is mainly used for the palletizing of bags.

    2. Different installation and use

    1) Flexibility: robot palletizer is more flexible, while High Level palletizer takes more floor space.

    2) Palletizing speed: speed of High Level palletizing can reach 1600 bags/h, while robot palletizer can reach 800 bags/h with single gripper and 1200 bags/h with double grippers.

    3) Palletizing performance: High Level palletizer palletizes relatively more tidy and beautiful and palletized bags are not easy to slide; while robot palletizer palletizes less tidy with position and shape of bags less accurate, and the gripper may scratch the bags.

    4) Service life: the powders of High Level palletizer and robot palletizer are close; the service life of High Level palletizer is usually over 10 years, while robot palletizer usually 5-8 years.

    5) Applicable regions: High Level palletizer is of wide range of applicable regions and it can be used anywhere. In plateau regions, the air pressure is relatively low and negative pressure high, so the working condition for robot palletizer cannot be fulfilled. That’s why almost only mechanical palletizers are used in China’s northwest inland.

    6) Maintenance cost: the maintenance cost for High Level palletizer is low, while robot palletizer is relatively higher.


      High-position Palletizer Robot Palletizer
    Max. speed 1600 bags/h 800 bags/h (single gripper)
    Application Mainly bags Bags, cartons, etc.
    Palletizing performance tidy and beautiful, palletized bags not easy to slide down less tidy, position and shape of bags less accurate, gripper may scratch bags
    Service life over 10 years 5-8 years
    Maintenance cost low relatively higher


    Full-automated Stretch Hooding Machine

    It's mainly composed of adhesive film delivering and bag-making unit & stretching unit.

    1. Adhesive film delivering and bag-making unit

    There is a pair of splayed cutters and every of the four corners of each cutter can be rotated. The lifetime of each cutter is over one year. It can be lowered to ground level for film change and maintenance. Film change takes around 2 minutes, which can save plenty of time. Double film opening system of vacuum and mechanical is adopted to avoid the influence of wind and static electricity.


    2. Stretching unit

    Hydraulic stretching system adopted, whole-process monitoring;

    Wide range of applicable fields;

    Ensure that the four corners of the stretched film are of the same thickness, but not becoming thinner.


    Main Technical Data

    a. Machine total power: 12 KW;

    b. Air pressure: 6 bar;

    c. Hooding frame moves up and down, with 4 film collecting motors being frequency converted of more scientific accuracy and speed;

    d. Power consumption per pallet: 0.15KWH

    e. Air consumption per pallet: 85N.litres



    A. High strength steel frame adopted and the stability of the structure is high;

    B. Four-chain type lifting frame, QCS system;

    C. Vertical stretching adopted, which can reduce film consumption and the packing of which is more complete than simply horizontal wrapping; in the same time, it’s of higher dustproof level and waterproofness and the full pallet will be less likely to loosen when it topples;

    D. Unmanned operation, which can save more labor cost and improve work efficiency.


    There are also many other optional equipement and devices as per customer's requirements and site conditions for this packing system solution. We also accept customization of the line as required by the customers.

    Open Mouth Bag Full Automatic Bag Packing Machine System With Pallet Wrapper

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