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Intelligent Industrial Automation Solutions , Warehousing Management System Fully Automatic

Intelligent Industrial Automation Solutions , Warehousing Management System Fully Automatic

Intelligent Industrial Automation Solutions , Warehousing Management System Fully Automatic

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Place of Origin: People's Republic of China
Brand Name: Hongsen Intelligent

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Detailed Product Description
Warehouse: Smart High Rack Conveying: Flexible
Sorting: High Speed Components: AGV. RGV, Robot, Etc.
Automation Level: Full-automated Control: Logistics Management System
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warehouse management systems

Intelligent Intralogistics and Warehousing System Fully Automatic



System Overview:


Intelligent logistics equipment mainly includes stacker, AGV, RGVS, palletizing/depalletizing robot, logistics automated conveying and automated operating machines, logistics control and management system, etc. Its application fields cover automated high rack warehouse, storage center, distribution center and all kinds of conveying lines, inspection lines and automobile assembly lines using AGV. They are widely used in electric power, machinery, energy, transportation, electronics, aerospace, tobacco, food, medicine, textiles, printing and book publishing industries.


Automated High Rack Warehouse System


Automated high rack warehouse is the preferred mode of modern enterprise storage, which is composed of high racks, stackers in passageways and cargo carrying units. Unmanned operation is achieved in the warehouse area, which is of high degree of automation and liberates the workforce. By using this system, operators’ safety can be ensured, space can be made full use of and storage capacity can also be expanded.


Flexible Conveying System


Flexible conveying system mainly refers to AGV, RGV and conveying lines running in workshop and warehouse. By means of laser, magnetic or inertial navigation, AGV moves according to the programmed route and realizes functions including transferring, lifting, assembling, gripping and picking up in the same time. Flexible operation of production and logistics transporting can be easily achieved by use this conveying system.


High-speed Sorting System


High-speed sorting system can realize the fast sorting and conveying of goods with large quantity, different kinds and varied shapes. Taking place of manual sorting, the system will achieve high efficiency and high accuracy of sorting. Controlled by software, it can adjust the conveying speed, sorting and merging mode as required and realize the function of real-time monitoring.


System Simulation


Using the AutoMoo software of Applied Materials U.S. to do virtual modeling for logistics system projects, we can carry out simulation run based on the data provided by customers, test the reasonability of the project and put forward the best solution.


Automated Logistics Management System

Automated logistics management system includes functions such as basic parameters configuration, task management, monitoring and scheduling, statistical inquiry, data collection, wireless terminal and intelligent interface system.


Electric Control System


Electric control system is the control core of the implementation of the whole automated warehousing system. It accepts the logistics delivery instructions from upstream logistics system dispatching computer and gives order to downstream local devices to realize driving, detection and recognition functions, which completes the information transmission of logistics transporting and process control. The structure of our electric control system is “distributed control and centralized management”.


Are you still troubled by continuous rising labor cost, continuous rising storage space cost, low-efficiency manual sorting, safety production Crisis, and constantly changing market demand?

What we can do for you:

A. To optimize your warehousing process;

B. To balance your operation and maintenance costs;

C. To maximize your production efficiency;

D. To increase your storage usage;

E. To ensure the safety and reliability of your production process;

F.  To help you realize balanced and reliable handling, intelligent conveying, automated stacking and energy saving and efficient material access.


Intelligent Industrial Automation Solutions , Warehousing Management System Fully Automatic

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